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  • Alexis Priddy

Grass-fed Meat is on the Rise: Why Consumers are Loving It

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It's no secret that grass-fed beef is on the rise. In fact, grass-fed meat sales have quadrupled in the past four years. So, what's driving this trend? There are several factors at play here. Consumers are becoming more health conscious, and they're looking for ways to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals. They're also interested in eating sustainable, humanely raised meat that doesn't damage the environment.

The demand for grass-fed beef has increased over fourfold in the last few years. In addition, consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and interested in purchasing "sustainable" meat that doesn't damage our environment - all while reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals!

"Why Grass Fed Beef is on a Roll" WSJ notes, "Sales of grass-fed beef comprised just 1.4% the $18 billion fresh meat market in America last year but its growth rate has far outpaced conventional meats over recent years."

Where can I find organic grass-fed beef? You're in luck because we've partnered with some of the leading farms here. Our cattle are born and raised on US soil, so you know your purchase is supporting only quality products!

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