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  • Alexis Priddy

Understanding Meat

The labels 'organic', 'free-range' and others can help you decide if the meat in your grocery store is worth buying or not.

Being an informed consumer is important when it comes choosing what we put into our bodies so why don't we learn more about these terms?


Grass-fed beef is a healthier alternative to antibiotics and hormones. The cows’ diet consists of organic flax, alfalfa hay which are all natural ingredients without any synthetic hormones or antibiotics administered throughout their lifecycle. However, some "grass-fed" products may still have been injected with hormones and antibiotics.

We suggest making sure what you're buying is also labeled antibiotic-free, hormone containing synthetic or natural ingredients. All of our products are made without any unnatural chemicals so you can be sure about what you're eating at your table.

Organic Certified

The USDA organic standards require that animals be raised in environments accommodating their natural behaviors, such as being able to graze on pasture. However, the agency does not strictly define what constitutes a diet of grass; it allows for corn, soy, and grains. We recommend buying products labeled both 'grass-fed' and 'organic' because this ensures you're getting all sustainable practices associated with these labels without compromising quality either way.

Antibiotic Free

Federal regulations have prohibited the use of growth hormones in raising pigs, veal calves, and bison for years. The terms ‘hormone free’ on any meat is a creative marketing technique, but antibiotics aren't banned if you don't buy organic meat or cage-free chicken. So be sure to purchase 'organic' when you shop at your local grocery store.

Sustainably Raised

The USDA has created sustainable farming practices that are meant to preserve our environment. These regulations limit the amount of water spent and retain it for longer periods so as not damage any natural resources, such as lakes or rivers.

Vegetarian Fed

It's easy to avoid eating meat that has been fed any animal by-products when you buy your groceries labeled ‘vegetarian fed’.

Certified Humane

The Certified Humane guidelines require that animals are given space to grow, shelter and gentle handling. They also need fresh water as well as a healthy diet of quality feed without any extra antibiotics or hormones.

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